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Tracheal stenosis rabbit

Conférence Icare 2017


A case of tracheal stenosis and its surgical treatment with a coronary stent in a rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus)

  • Abstract: A four-year-old entire male dwarf rabbit weighting 1.6 kg was presented for an important dyspnea. A computed tomography was performed.
  • The examination of the skull did not show any anomaly. A severe tracheal stenosis in the cervical area was observed. The diameter of the trachea at the level of the stenosis was 0.9 mm and 3.6 mm in the distal neck portion.[1,2]

Auteurs : Drs. Christophe Bulliot, Sophie Romain, Elise Rattez, Antoine Hidalgo, Céline Levrier, Lucas Flenghi. 10-07 -2017
Service NAC – Centre Hospitalier Vétérinaire des Cordeliers,
29 avenue du Maréchal Joffre, 77100 Meaux.
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A case of tracheal stenosis and its surgical treatment with a coronary stent in a rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus)

A surgical treatment with the use of a coronary stent was performed.
The stent was comprised of a bare of metal stent with a primer coat and a coating that consists of a blend of drug zotarolimus and a polymer system.
The materials required were a guide catheter and an inflation device.

The delivery procedure consisted in introducing the stent in the trachea through an oesophageal tube because an endotracheal intubation was not possible.
The good positioning of the system was controlled with radiography before deployment of the stent.

The rabbit presented a normal breathing immediately after surgery.
Unfortunately, it died two weeks after surgery with sudden dyspnea secondary to rhinitis with rapid evolution. A heat strike has been supposed.
The stent, the trachea and the lungs did not seem to be involved in dyspnea in the light of the radiography and post mortem tracheoscopy.

The use of rabbits as experimental model for human tracheal stenosis and its treatment with coronary stent was documented.[37]


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